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OUR E-Manual for Repair of Electronic whirlpool spas.


ONLY For ELECTRONIC Spas With the Following Topsides


We have applied our 18 years of award winning field experience and put it to words. This manual gives a general overview of spas then goes through specific parts one by one. It covers removal and replacement of spa components. We apply all our expertise to teach you how to diagnose what is wrong with your spa, just like a technician would. All of this in language that the weekend warrior will understand and put to practical use.

Most models are reviewed and major part numbers that will allow you to identify which part you need and order online.

Our E-Manual covers: What each component does and how to remove and replace. How to determine what part has failed? Makes diagnosing failure almost too easy! Goes model by model and list specific spa specifications and which major part is used in it.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an ELECTRONIC or E-Book. You will NOT receive a physical book. You must download the manual and print from your computer.



The manual includes chapters that teach you

"What does the heater do and how does it work?"

"How do I get my old heater out?"

"Why isn't my spa heating?"

And...Our Own "CLICK" method in helping you diagnose the problem and much more.



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 This is an electronic manual.


1995-2001 Whirlpool Spa Repair Manual by Clear Creek Spas

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