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On this page we can give qualified technicians help WHERE to run tests.

All pictures shown are based on the popular R574/6 Balboa system below

but principles are applicable to most spas.



 Test Power to Spa:
 Incoming 115v Units:

Meter set to AC, probe is testing for 110-120vac at the Black HOT and the Neutral

If 110-115 not present, your incoming power is at fault.

 Incoming 220-240vac Units

Meter set to AC 250+Volts is testing Hot Black and Red. Readout should be 220-240vac.

If -0-, your incoming power is faulty. Contact electrician. If correct, proper incoming voltage. Go to next step.

Same meter setting as above, test NEU and Red Hot (shown) and NEU and Black Hot.

Both readings should be 110-120vac. If either is not, one or both legs of incoming power has failed. Contact your electrician. If Both test are good, your incoming power is good.

Lastly, check Neutral to Ground.


Should have very low or no voltage. If higher voltage present, likely failed GFCI breaker.


 Test Power to Heater:

With power on and NO error codes, carefully place probes on heater posts OR attached wires. Have your meter set to 115v or 230v, whichever is your incoming power to the spa.

If correct current IS present, go to next step. If -0- voltage, current is not being applied to your spa heater. If no error is indicated by the topside why its not applying current as a Flow Error or Sensor Error then the board has failed. Replace.

Turn OFF power to the spa. Set voltmeter to OHMS. Place the probes at same location on heater as previous test with POWER OFF.

Your heater should read 10-15 ohm resistance. If out of range or -0-, replace heater or element.


 Test Temperature or High Limit/OH Sensors:

Sensor ends come in 2 common styles: Box End (top) and Curled Finger End (bottom, most common).

Sensor ends exposed.

Either of these ends are connected into a connector like this one

This is a "curled finger" connector. Some connector/harnesses combine sensors and other wires to the board.

Typically there are 2 ways to test a sensor with a volt/ohmmeter. One is to devise a method to making your probe end small enough to touch the wires as shown OR... more common, release the sensor from the connector.

Shown: using an open metal paperclip, pushing on the "window" will compress the metal connector allowing the wire to slide out of the connector. You can also use a pushpin.

Turn OFF power to the spa. Set voltmeter to OHMS. Place the probes at same location on heater as previous test with POWER OFF.

Easy way to check your sensor is comparing the temperature sensor with the OH sensor. They should be very close in reading. Also see reading charts located on the sensor page of your spa on this site.


Testing a Fuse

Turn off main power to spa. Set meter to OHMS. Place one probe on each end of each fuse. Do NOT go by view of the fuse; use your meter.

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