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Topside Error Codes and What They Mean

Error Code Meaning Of Error

What This Means

Failure of the High Limit Sensor

Replace OH/High Limit Sensor Go To Sensors

Failure of the Temp Sensor

Replace Temp Sensor Go To Sensors

Lack of Water Flow or Failure of Flow or Pressure Switch

Remove filter and restart. If returns, if you DO see water moving without pushing JET button, failure of flow switch or pressure switch, whichever your spa has. If you do NOT see water automatically moving when you turn main power on, then likely the circ pump. Rare occasions its the board.

Failure of Flow or Pressure Switch

Replace Flow or Pressure Switch. Go To Switches

Cool "Cool" condition exists. Temp 20 degrees or more below set temp. Spa is attempting to heat.

Automatic; Do nothing. Will stop when spa is heated.

Freeze Protection On

Automatic; Do nothing. Spa will turn on jet pumps to keep spa from freezing. Only panic if spa isn't heating.

Water is Above 112 degrees. Spa has turned on Low Speed pump in attempt to cool the spa

Spa automatically tries to cool spa. If water goes above accepted range, spa will shut down. Typically this means the board has failed and leaving heater on when it should not. If water and heater do not get hot but the spa goes into OH, either the OH sensor or the board has failed.

"Watchdog" mode

Most common cause is failure of the temp sensor. Replace. If that doesn't solve then likely a board failure. See >Watchdog

ONLY On LCD Topsides:
Panel Sensors pressed to fast. Temporary deactivating

Slow down pushing buttons.

Circuit Board temp above normal. Shuts down operation until the board cools

Will reset when equipment area cools.

Panel connection/operation to board is faulty

Secure connects or in rare cases, either the board or topside has failed.

Failure of Temperature Sensor

Replace Temp Sensor.


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