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Filters  2002-Present

The filtering system for the J-300 and J-400 models has improved.
The concept is pretty clever and simple.
The circulation pump pulls its water from a filter, through the pump, through the heater, and back into the spa. The traditional way has a simple pleated filter. But the simple truth is the paper is designed to catch large size particulates.
This system includes the above designed filter AND a new canister with the second stage dense load filter. What that means is what the standard Stage 1 filter doesn't catch the new canister filter will. Downside is the Stage 2 canister filter can be so effective (especially when first installed due to quality of water)  it can actually clog in 3-6 months. But just think... the reason it clogs is all those smaller particulates were normally swirling around your spa and your body. Now they are in the filter and you toss them out with the spent canister filter rather than bath with them.
ALSO.... a bonus for those with a J-300 model spa. You can buy the complete assembly which includes everything to replace ONE of your filters. Now YOU can enjoy the benefits of this system. See part 2472-234 below for a complete replacement.
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6473-158 6473-158 2012+ J-465, J-470, J-480 ProClarity Filter 50sq, 6"x12" 6"x12" 50 sq/ft $42.40
6473-156 6473-157 2012+ J-415, J-425, J-495, J-300 Models Using  6000-383A 6"x8.5" 40 sq/ft $56.34
6473-156 2012+ J-460 6"x8.5" 30 sq/ft $46.27
6473-161 Canister Filter $16.90
6473-160 Canister Housing $11.24
6541-088 Bottom Gasket $2.08
6473-159 Holding Pin $14.70
Are You Using the 6000-383a Filter?

For those wishing to upgrade their J-300 Series Spas already using the 6000-383a filter, you can buy the filter system complete. The following includes everything you need to replace your existing 6000-383a filter with the system. From then on, you only replace Stage 1 and 2 filter as needed.

2472-234 Complete Using the 6473-157 Filter Included $82.73
How is it assembled?
The Stage 1 filter is on the top. You load the canister filter into the housing. The Stage 1 filter snaps into the housing and the holding pin locks it in place. You use the Bottom gasket to make a tight seal between the housing and the spa's filter socket.
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