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Circulation Pump that runs 24/7

Jet Pump Wetend Used Only 2002-2009 with 48 frame

Jet Pump Wetend Used Since 2009 with 48 frame

Jet Pump Wetend Used on Various Models Since 2012 With 56 frame

115v 2 Speed Jet Pump Complete

230v 1 and 2 Speed Pump Complete

Repair Parts for Jacuzzi Wetends

 Difference 45frame and 56frame

KEY TO UNDERSTANDING Hot Tub (Jacussi Hot Tub PUMP/Wetends  and MOTORS:
Typically manufacturers only used 1.5 hp, 115v pump/motor for single pump spas.
Most models used either a 2.0hp or 2.5hp pump/motor in their 2-3 pump spas between 2002-present. They also use either a 1 speed or 2 speed motor. They discontinued the 2.0hp and replace ALL with the 2.5hp pump/motors. Many late production spas use a "56" frame pump/motor. Late production also only used the "bracket-less" motors.
You can purchase the wetend/pump either parts or whole but the motor always comes complete with wetend. Also note the new style motors must have a separate "bracket" either previously installed or purchased and installed. The bracket is reusable.
All motors on their 2-3 pump spas operate on 220-240vac. These are 48 Frame pump/motors from 2002-2006. Some 56 frame styles in 2006. And in June 2009 the New 48 Style pump OR the 56 Frame pump/motor.
Beginning in 2006 many of the J-400 series changed to a 56 Frame pump/motor for the jet pumps. These are shown above. 48 and 56 Frame are diameter sizes of the pump and motor. You must match a 48 frame pump to a 48 frame motor.
Difference between a 48 and 56 frame? Easy: measure the distance between 2 mounting bolts that attach the motor to the pump. 48 frame have 3 5/8" between bolts. 56 frame have 4 1/8" between bolts.
In 2009 some went to a "bracket-less" pump motor allowing for more rotation of the motor. These "bracket-less" motors are the only OEM pump motor available and only available from OEM as a pump/motor complete.
The 1.5hp wetend is only available in the "new style" 48 pump wetend. The parts are not interchangeable with older generation unless the part number is the same.
The "old" and "new" 48 frame pump are different. Basically, the "new" 48 frame pump is a 56 frame size with a 48 frame mounting. So the wetend is larger but with this modification, the larger wetend will fit on the smaller motor. More pumps are built this way allowing the pump manufacturer to simplify inventory and only have to make the bracket half of the pump fit either the 48 or 56 frame. See Here for More
How do you turn your pump/wetend to match what you have? See Here
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