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Circulation 24/7 Pumps

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Some Platinum models have circulation pumps. The early Pinnacles originally had a "Mighty Mite" pump (seen left below) then changed to a larger circulation pump (seen middle).  If your spa has the larger circ pump already, the 2500-259 is the proper replacement. If you have a spa with a smaller BLACK circulation pump used since 2001 that sits just below the control box on the front door access, then you need the 6500-035.

   Circulation Pump: Pinnacle, Triton, and Late Production Platinum Spas

93-540 2500-259 6000-125   **See Aftermarket Option Below
Used in early Pinnacle Models Replacement of Mid-Production Pinnacle Models Used in Late Pinnacle, Triton, and Late Platinum Models
115v; 1/16hp
Uses couplings to attached to plumbing. NOT BARB.
Pump/Motor Complete 220vac; 1/16hp
Laing Circ Pump; 220-240v; 1/16hp
Connects to Soft Piping by Barb.
NOTE: Must splice electrical cord to existing. Does not come with plug.
$239.00 $236.00 $214.00


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Aftermarket Replacement For Laing 6000-125 Circ Pump Shown Above.

There is no identical pump to the Laing circ pump but there is an alternative.

Grundfos Circ Pump

The problem: OEM circ pumps have a 3/4" barb and hose. Grundfos uses a 1" barb fitting.

Solution: We offer an optional kit for first time buyers of the Grundfos. It includes 1" hose and couplings that will mate 3/4" hose with 1" hose. There is enough hose to allow a certain amount of movement of the mounting of the Grundfos because the pump setup is different and the pump direction has to be switched. Once done, you will no longer be bound by the Laing pump but now can use another brand that as a healthy history.

We always caution the filter the circ pump draws from (the one with a screen) needs to be well maintained. Service companies have been replacing the Laing with Grundfos for years.


Grundfos Kit   Grundfos Circ Pump Only
Includes hose and fittings to retrofit into spa   Circ Pump Only
$160.00   $139.00
115v 230v   115v 230v
CC-CP-115kit CC-CP-230kit   96-127 96-126

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Union to Install Above Pump to Plumbing (except Tiny Might and 6000-125)
These are NON JWB Unions
OEM Rubber Footing For Pumps:
Nuts NOT Included

After Market Motor Padding

2" Pump Union Gasket 1.5" Union 2" Union 

These are the rubber mounts many pumps sit on that cushion the pump/motor to lower vibration.

19-018 90-230 90-231  2570-090 90-101
$2.49ea $10.50ea $10.90ea  $3.99ea $5.95


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