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C-5 Complete Replacement System


The C-5 system comes with control box as shown. Options A-C include a heater. All systems come with a new touchpad digital topside control. The unit includes necessary sensors and cords to operate the unit with one pump. We send you specific instructions how to install and program your C5 and include help sheet to make your installation easy. (tour a C-5)

Topside Choices

Choose between Style topsides.
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Option #A comes with 5.5kw heater attached to bottom as shown. Its perfect for most older hot tubs.
Option #B comes with a "low flow" heater. "Low Flow" heaters are used on spas with a 24/7 circulation pump.
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C5 Corded Heater 
Option #C comes with a 5.5kw heater that's on a cord. This allows you a measure of movement during installation. Often the spa's piping is stiff and brittle. This heater allows you to keep the piping as is and place the control box elsewhere.
Option #D does NOT have a heater. Its used on spas that have a separate heater from the control box that you want to reuse.
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