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Jensen Stereo


Jensen Stereo for Replacement Or Retrofit.


Built with Hot Tubs In Mind..... Marine Grade


Do You Need a Unit With Full CD Player Capacity OR Unit With Bluetooth? 


MS2013BT (See Specs)

Bluetooth Enabled
160watts Output (40wx4)
USB Jack for Ipod and other MP3 Devices
Full Feature Control
Designed With Hot Tub Application In Mind



ADD STEREO TO YOUR HOT TUB (or replace dead one)


We offer all you need to add a stereo to convert your hot tub to a mellow environment with music and top tunes.

43-101 Bluetooth Enabled


Necessary Add-Ons For NEW Install


> Spring Loaded Door
> Support for back of stereo
> UV Resistant
43-122 AM/FM Antenna $25.15


> Converts 120/240vac to     12vdc to operate stereo.

> Designed with hot tub installation in mind.



> 6 1/2" Coaxial Speake
> Water Resistant
> 60w Max
> 4 Ohms
> UV Resistant
    Steps To Take for New Installation:

a. Proper continuous power. The 43-120 will convert either 120v or 240v to 12vdc to power your stereo. But you must confirm you have the continuous voltage available.

b. Room in the equipment area. We recommend you place the transformer on small platform above the floor to protect from any leaks. Also place plastic cover over transformer to protect from leaks from above.

c. On new installs, you must purchase all the Necessary parts above AND the stereo of your choice. Also remember the speakers are EACH. You can either purchase two or four.

d. Upon arrival of parts, install the housing on the side of your hot tub. You can also install the stereo.

e. Install the speakers on any flat surface. Word of caution: although tried and tried again, placing speakers on the water side of the hot tub will likely damage the speakers. No speaker is made to withstand constant moisture and the water of a hot tub. Many attempts have been made and failed. Placing the speakers on the outside wall will of course affect the volume of the music and direction, it will likely give you more life to the speaker.

f. Install the transformer. You must supply constant voltage to the transformer so it can do also to the stereo. Failure to do so will erase any memory the stereo has.

g. Install the antenna. USUALLY you can install within the confines of the hot tub equipment. Pumps or distant radio towers might restrict quality of single but normally in most metro areas an inside antenna is sufficient.

h. With all components installed, simple follow instructions and connect all wires appropriately.

i. Enjoy your music.


    Steps To Replace Failed Stereo:

a. Proper continuous power. First thing you need is to check the voltage to the existing stereo. If you are not getting 12vdc to the old stereo, all you might need is a new transformer.

b. Speakers: If some speakers work and others don't, the fault might be in the speakers themselves. Often you can switch speaker connections behind the existing stereo to see if the problem moves or not. You might just need new speaker (s).

c. Speakers are fine and 12vdc is present and the fuses are fine, time for a new stereo.

d. Caution: How was the stereo installed? Hot tub stereo is typically installed on the side. Look to see if any water is splashed onto the stereo. If its in a housing and you have a sprinkler pointed right at the stereo (or the previous owner did) don't make a mistake and replace the stereo to have it fail again.

e. Review the housing. Some manufacturer to cut cost simply had a cap that snap over the stereo. Are you kidding? Likely to fail because unless your really cautious.. someone will leave off. The housing above has a door and spring. But just make sure where you are installing the stereo makes sense.

f. Looks like a regular car stereo??? Well, pretty much is EXCEPT... these are Marine Grade. In other words, Jensen goes to great length to protect electronics from water. BUT... its not water proof... just water resistant.  So they cover the boards and components with a film to protect from moisture but water...  This is expecially true of the CD stereo. Has moving parts and laser head. Spray water and get failed stereo. AND when submitted for warranty... they will see it. That is why we highly recommend a housing for both stereos.

g. Will it install like my old stereo. Normally, yes. As shown in the demensions on the link on the top of the page, these are designed to install like a car stereo and most stereos.




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