1994-2001 System Error Codes

Electronic Spa Topside Error Codes and What They Mean:

(Please Note: These codes help tell what the problem is but can give false codes)

Digital Topsides

Quick Geek Help


High Limit Sensor

SN Error


Temp Sensor


Either High Limit or Temp Sensor

FLO or FL Solid

Likely Pressure Switch or Flow Switch Failure; Maybe PC Board

Solid FL Error

FLO or FL Flashing between FL and Temp

Board see's no or lack of water pressure. Could be filter, pressure or flow switch, low or circulation pump, or PC Board.

Flash FL Error


Water is 20 degrees below set temperature. Will clear when water heats.



Water more than 20 degrees below set temp. Spa is on freeze protect and will turn on all pumps to avoid freezing.



Spa is above 112 degrees. Spa will shut down and require manual reset.

OH Error


Electronic Dial Topsides  (not too dependable but helps)

Heater light off more than on

Lack of Flow Error Code

Flow Error

Heater light even on/off

Overheat Error Code

OH Error

Heater light on more than off

Sensor Error Code

SN Error



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